UNITSU – Unified Technology Solutions

COMPANY Philosophy:

UNITSU was born out of the brainchild that one day we could make everything technological work in harmony

Back in the 90’s we had unified communication still in its evolving stage, Plantronics early 2000 together with Microsoft already had they vision unified communication.

 Although their unified communication was limited to a Plantronics headset and MSN messenger or better known as its successor Lync that could do certain functions like if you would put your headset on the table and it would change your Messenger status to; ”Away”

Seeing we also evolved from our expensive domotics in our homes to more payable smart gear. So that means…

Today we are entering a whole new world of unified communication when we say unified communications it is really a house that can interact with your needs or your car that can tell you, you forgot to lock it.

Or it can measure when you fell asleep and that your current workout schedule has room for improvement, it can even help you open the door from the other side of the world.

Add to that, that today all major countries are renewing their copper infrastructure to fiber so we can share even more data on a larger scale.

UNITSU grew out to be a unified technology solutions company. That means we will work on every project that helps build the future of tomorrow, where the next generation can excel and grow through means of digital enhancement.

Yours truly,

Martin Smets

Founder and CEO